SERRARM  Weightless Die Manipulation


How many workers do you need to mount your larger rotary dies? You can reduce the number of plant personnel required for die changes while minimizing the risk of injury, and potential damage to your expensive dies, with the SERRARM.

SERRARM is a patented system for the “weightless” manipulation of dies. Two handles operate independently to grab dies in any position (standing upright or laying horizontally). Dies can then be controlled easily and safely and moved quickly from the production area to designated storage and back by a single operator.

SERRARM allows for the manipulation and transport of dies in a vertical position for easy compact storage in a variety of configurations.


Pistol-grip handles are easily and quickly secured to the exterior of the die. The die is disengaged from the SERRAPID cylinder and ready to move.


The weight of the die is borne by the lift, allowing the operator to manipulate the die in nearly any direction, without risk of dropping or damaging the die or incurring injury to the operator.

serrarm-03The lift can be designed to guide the dies to an automated storage area…

serrarm-04…or offloaded onto a trolley.

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Watch the SERRARM in action at Acme Corrugated Box