The SERRANVIL maintains a uniform anvil cover surface for higher-quality flat-bed quality die-cutting and speeds the manual rotation of urethane anvil covers to reduce machine downtime.

The SERRANVIL system spreads wear more evenly across the surface of the anvil through lateral movement of the anvil against the rotary die. Conventional anvil systems with lateral movement typically have a limited range of about 4” – the SERRANVIL has a lateral movement range of 12”. By allocating the wear from the rotary die knives more equally, the SERRANVIL system actually doubles the lifespan of your anvil covers with regular rotation.

Anvil covers are secured to the anvil quickly and easily with the aid only of a hex wrench or hex bit and drill-driver. No additional tools are required for mounting or rotating the covers, and when equipped with a hex bit and drill-driver, a single operator can rotate the covers for the next production run in as little as three minutes.



A collar is first mounted on the anvil on which the cover can be mounted and secured. The clamp securing the cover to the collar is adjusted with a hex wrench (or hex bit fixed to a drill-driver for speedier operation).

To rotate the covers, the outer-most cover and collar are removed, subsequently loosening the rest of the covers and collars which are then easily slid down the anvil. The previously removed cover and collar are then secured to the vacant position on the anvil.


Anvil rotation can be accomplished in under 3 minutes when using a drill-driver. No other tools are necessary and unlike other systems, the SERRANVIL requires no blunt force technique (hammering or prying) to remove or replace the covers and collars.

The collar and anvil cover are fitted around the SERRANVIL and secured quickly & easily with a hex wrench or bit & driver.

Collar and cover can be fixed in position (so it does not spin freely) to facilitate more accurate die cutting.