Chalmers DST by Korutest

Chalmers DST

The Chalmers DST by Korutest measures combined board stiffness (machine direction torsional stiffness or MDT) in 12 seconds at the finishing equipment or corrugators. MDT is superior to unreliable testing measures like ECT, Caliper, FCT and BCT, and is more indicative of overall performance of the corrugated board and the quality of the manufacturing process.

MDT provides a better picture of how well the corrugated board has been made, how much damage is received during printing and converting, and how well it will protect its contents in real-world service environments.

Readily-available board stiffness data allows for immediate corrective measures in the manufacturing process in real-time, leading to the establishment of consistent product quality and permitting the down-weighting of components, resulting in long-term savings on board substrates.

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Over 120 Chalmers DST are in operation and are utilized in a variety of ways:
  1. As an engineering tool to optimize the setup of equipment to maximize board quality off the corrugator and to ensure board is not crushed by feed rollers, printing plates, die cutting, and pressure belts on the finishing equipment.
  2. As a continuous quality-control tool, the DST ensures that the board off the finishing equipment and corrugator is actually within specification and that strength is not lost during converting.
  3. The DST can also be used as a laboratory investigative tool to diagnose claims and box failures as well as to see how well competitors are producing corrugated boxes.