SERRAPID Rotary Die Cylinder

SERRAPID Rotary Die Cylinder by SERRA

  • Speeds rotary die mounting to 30 seconds per shell via its mushroom hold-down system
  • Ensures safe and simple die changes and reliable operation
  • Reduces downtime to get your die cutter up and running quickly




No additional hardware or special hand tools are required to secure the die to the cylinder, ensuring fail-safe operation. Technicians can mount dies quickly without worrying about missing or improperly torqued bolts like on conventional die-mount systems.At the press of a switch, compressed air is injected into the cylinder, forcing the mushroom hold-downs outward. The prepared die shell is fit onto the cylinder with the mushrooms protruding through keyhole openings. The shell is slid into position, the compressed air is released, and the hold-downs retract, clamping the shell in place with approximately 1300 N of force (290 lbs of force).

The mushroom hold-downs enable shell-mounting in under 30 seconds, reducing overall die-change downtime to just minutes.