Mecoval vs. Conventional Chucks

Mecoval vs. Conventional Core Chucks

Conventional Chucks

Conventional core chucks feature complicated designs prone to excessive wear and dust accumulation.

Conventional core chucks are torque-activated – the lugs engage the core only when force is exerted to rotate the assembly.

Torque-activated chucks are high maintenance, and if in less than optimal condition, may not provide a firm grip. Dust trapped in the internal components often causes the lugs to engage incompletely or fail outright.

A slippery grip causes the core to spin around the chucks, resulting in tension variation across the web.

Complex designs and lots of small, failure-prone components make conventional torque-activated chucks more expensive with higher maintenance costs.

Mecoval Core Chucks

Simple, Serco-inspired designs with minimal internal parts make Mecoval Core Chucks more durable and less susceptible to the damaging effects of dust and the wear and tear of heavy use.

The lugs in Mecoval Core Chucks activate with the closing of the roll-stand. When the cone is pressed towards the chuck base (as in closing the roll-stand) the simplified internal mechanism forces the lugs out, ensuring a firm, consistent grip throughout the production run.


The reliability and durability of simple design makes Mecoval Core Chucks the most cost-effective on the market. Mecoval backs up its chucks with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.