FRIESE Technology



Our competitors offer “tungsten-carbide” coatings, but only FRIESE corrugating rolls have the specially-formulated ROCKWELLE coating.

Combined with FRIESE’s three-stage polishing process, ROCKWELLE coating produces a roll surface smoothness comparable to chrome (Ra < 0.2μm) that is twice as hard and lasts twice as long, eliminating wear on the flute tips of the roll. Flute profile remains constant over the life of the roll.

  • Renders surface smoothness comparable to chrome
  • Is twice as hard as chrome, and three times harder than nitride
  • Lasts twice as long as chrome
  • Keeps flute geometry stable through the lifetime of the roll


Constant flute geometry throughout the life of the corrugating roll enables FRIESE to optimize the flute profiles significantly. Focus is put on reducing the web tension in order to produce stronger corrugated board.

The optimum ROCKPROFILE is developed for your individual application, based on your machinery, board grades and production speeds. FRIESE engineers will work to reduce the take-up factor to help realize board savings while maintaining or even improving your finished corrugated board strength.

  • Produces stronger corrugated board
  • Reduces take-up factor, leading to less medium consumption



Conventional corrugating rolls suffer from distorted exterior geometry after lengthy production runs, leading to wasted production on restarts as the rolls wind up and resume normal shape. FRIESE corrugating rolls equipped with the Controlled Condensate System and THERMOGROOVES (CCS/Thermo) stay dimensionally stable during production stops, eliminating production waste on restarts.

  • Enable better heat transfer permitting higher production speeds
  • Eliminate waste on production restarts
  • Require no maintenance or adjustment

THERMOGROOVES run the inside length of the corrugating roll, extracting condensate during corrugation. This results in a higher roll surface temperature, enabling better heat transfer, faster production speeds, and stronger glue bonding.

What’s more, FRIESE corrugating rolls with CCS/THERMOGROOVES require no maintenance or adjustment to the steam head or condensate pipe, which is fixed in position and adjusted within tight tolerances for optimal condensate extraction.