• FRIESE Corrugating Rolls

    A world leader in the manufacture of corrugating rolls, with sets equipping 400 corrugators in over 60 countries.

    FRIESE corrugating rolls produce stronger board, with less substrate consumption, at greater speeds and lower cost than our competitors.

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  • Chalmers DST

    Are you crushing your board?

    The Chalmers DST measures combined board stiffness, telling you how well your board is made and indicating how much it is being crushed in production, allowing for corrections in real-time.

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  • Leipa Linerboard

    Brilliant White Leipa Classic and Lux linerboards manufactured from 100% recycled waste paper, for more environmentally-responsible packaging.

    Learn more about Leipa Classic White 72 CAL and Leipa Lux CAL

  • Serrapid Rotary Die Cylinder

    A tool-less system for the fastening of cutting dies to the rotary cylinder, the Serrapid speeds die changes to under 30 seconds per shell, reducing downtime and labor costs and increasing plant productivity.

    Watch a Serrapid Die Change

  • SHARP Corrugated Knives + Supplies

    Offering advanced Tungsten-Carbide and High-Speed Steel Razor Slitting Blades, Serrated Male Slotters, and other Parts + Components for the Corrugated Packaging Industry.

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